Meditative Healing Practice - Bone Breathing

Andrew Kenneth Fretwell
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FOR THE FIRST TIME, this ancient, simple but powerful practice of Bone Breathing is available for more people and everyone will be able to feel its healing effect.

In ancient times it was practiced in Taoist monasteries in the mountains of China.

I invite you to an online course to learn how to perform this one-of-a-kind meditative healing practice on your own.

Anyone who buys the course can join a closed Facebook group in which Andrew Kenneth Fretwell will answer your questions related to the course. This is a link to the group -

Timeline -  for the Bone Breathing Course 

Day 1

00:01:00 Introduction: What is Qi the  life force energy

00:05:30How to learn to love and accept ourselves, to let go of self-condemnation

Introduction to the meditative technique Bone breathing

A step-by-step guide to the Bone Breathing Meditation technique itself

01:09:00 Meditation Bone breathing

01:39:00 Sharing, Questions and Answers

02:05:00 Introduction to the technique of massage of the endocrine glands

02:19:50 Sharing, Questions and Answers

02:35:55 ​​Meditative practice Bone breathing and hormonal massage

03:12:30 Sharing, Questions

Day 2

00:00:21 A set of Qi Gong practices

Meditative practice Bone Breathing

01:12:30 Sharing, Questions

01:34:05 Meditation Bone breathing with the technique of hormonal massage

02:10:30 Sharing after meditation - The life force that is activated during practice, The water phase of the life force relates to our potential and the bloodline of our ancestors

02:21:13 Questions, Answers

Day 3

00:00:21 A set of Qi Gong practices

00:29:00 Sharing: How to maintain our vibrational purity.  The need to develop our energy body and open ourselves to higher dimensions within.

00:56:10 Meditation Bone Breathing with techniques from the Inner Alchemy meditation of the Sun and Moon

01:23:00 The interaction between Yin and Yang inside each of us and their reflection in external partnerships

01:28:10 What is the Soul?  The difference between Conditional and Unconditional Love

01:34:20 Sharing, Questions and Answers

01:50:30 Meditation Bone Breathing with the technique of hormonal massage

02:20:00 Sharing: All about Free Will.  We are not victims of our thoughts and feelings

02:27:30 Sharing, Questions, Answers

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  • 12 hours of online training , 6 medtations and theory with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

  • 12 hours of online training , 6 medtations and theory with Andrew Kenneth Fretwell
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Meditative Healing Practice - Bone Breathing

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